Pub Home Page

Due to the Coronavirus restrictions, we are currently closed.

Hope to see you soon, cheers Shep

PS - The Craft Beer and Wine shop is back open for home deliveries. Click the link below to shop now and create a log-in to stay up to date with news and offers.

Welcome back to the Pub

The Beer Garden is open, well partially... We are working on transforming the rest of the beer garden to provide additional socially distanced seating. 

We originally introduced a booking system but this has proven to have challenges and is only used by a small proportion of customers. As the understanding of the COVID rules has developed I have decided to remove the booking form and replace it with a simple walk in sign up form on the website. It is easier and quicker to complete. 

In order to comply with COVID regulations you now just need to  provide your details on arrival by completing the form (here)

There are 2 types of seating available. 

A Household/Bubble table.

There are tables on the garden terrace set for groups of 1-2 people, 3 people and 4 - 6 people. These tables are only suitable for people from one household/bubble.  Spaces between the tables are set to the recommended 2m distance

Socially Distanced Seating Zones.

There are three seating zones for 2-6 people from different households. These chairs are set out to the recommended 2m social distance between each chair and there is over 2m of space between each zone.