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The Gallery

Here at the Laburnum, we love to support local independent businesses and artists in and around Matlock. The main ways we do this are by always trying to shop locally and source our cask ales from local breweries, as well as offering the pub walls as free gallery space for local artists. We usually like to have two artists on our walls at once, if you have any questions or would like to get in contact about showing your art don't hesitate to email or message one of our social media pages.

Steve Mitchell
"Creative endeavour of illustrator and artist, Stevie Mitchell. A continuing thread of worded pictures and uncanny happenings, INKY CONDITIONS finds depth, daftness, and occasionally darkness, in the mumbled and mundane magic of everyday life."

sue barber 2.jpg
sue barber 1.jpg

Sue Barber:

"Oil painting is my preferred medium, it compliments and illuminates the work. I enjoy the feel of painting onto canvas whilst my passion is drawing, with charcoal or pastel"

Marie Keane:

"I have been making prints for seven years and love it.

Now living in rural England and SW France, with modest home studios in both places. I have become passionate about hand printing, exploring patterns, textures and contrasts through colour and subject matter. My primary inspirations are wildlife, the natural world and landscape."

Marie keane art 5.jpg
marie keane art 2.jpg
Marie keane art 4.jpg
andrea hytch 1.jpg
andrea hytch 2.jpg

Andrea Hytch

"Working from my home-based studio in Hackney, Matlock, I create paintings using two distinctively different mediums and artistic styles.

My semi-abstract landscapes in oil and cold wax are homages to the Derbyshire landscape, whereby I allow the painting to slowly build and evolve, layer upon layer until a richly textured surface is achieved."

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