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Weekend + Hot weather = Beer and ice cream at the Laburnum

We've got another few hot days coming along!

In the bar, we have Factor 50 and 30 Sun cream freely available for anyone to use while we're open. Don't hesitate to ask a member of staff for a glass of water if you would like one, stay hydrated everyone!

And of course, we have a large selection of ice creams, vegan-friendly options available, and even doggy ice creams from our four-legged friends!

Beer Update

This week we have Barnsley Bitter from Acorn Brewery a 3.8% best bitter and Moonshine from Abbeydale Brewery, a 4.3% refreshing pale ale... Get them while you can! Open from 5 pm Thursday and 3 pm on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday!

Weekend Activities

This weekend we have our regular Saturday night quiz starting at 8 pm. And on Sunday we have our last boules match of the season! B team will be at home while A team plays away. Why not come and sit in the sunny garden with a lovely pint, cheering them on?

It's also the second Sunday of the month which means it's book club starting from 7 pm!

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