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The sun's set to shine this weekend!

You asked... and we've delivered!

The weather's looking good so far this weekend so we thought we'd treat you.

Citra from Oakham Ales arrives at our bar! a gorgeous 4.2% citrus pale ale.

Alongside this, we have the refreshing Poets Tipple from Ashover Brewery a 4% English bitter. For something a little different, we've got Elderflower also from Ashover Brewery... a 4% a floral English pale ale

Staff Vacancies

Charity Quiz

Thank you to everyone that showed up to the Charity Quiz for the Royal British Legion and Wirksworth Army Cadets! We raised a whopping £120 for them and couldn't be happier with the results! We here at the Laburnum and everyone involved in organising the fundraiser really appreciate your generosity!

Our quiz will be back to normal this weekend... hope to see you all there!


'B' Team had their first away game yesterday! It was great to see everyone enjoying themselves and meeting new people!

We'd love to know if anyone else would be interested in joining the teams, we're specifically on the lookout for a group of reserves that wouldn't mind playing every once in a while when we're short a team member or two!

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