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Thank You and Happy New Year!

Updated: Jan 2, 2022

We want to say a huge thank you from all of us at Laburnum to everyone who has supported us this year. All your visits and social media interactions have kept us going and thanks to you we're still here! We have so many plans for the pub and we can't wait to finish it all off and share it with you.

January 2022 is going to be a busy one for us at Laburnum. We have lots of work to do behind the scenes to make your visits with us even better.

The cellar is getting a complete refit and everything needs to be ripped out so unfortunately, that means no beer! It's going to be a messy mission and due to the amount needing to be done we have decided to close for the first couple weeks of the year. Scheduled to re-open on Friday the 21st of January.

To make up for us disappearing for a little bit we’re giving you a mega New Years' sale! £3 a pint for Carling, Aspalls, Atlantic, Guinness, Pravha, and our cask ales from Sunday the 2nd of January through to bank holiday Monday the 3rd. That's going to be a tough deal to turn down!

And don't forget we're open until late this Friday to party our way into the new year. Come and celebrate with us and your friends up on the hillside. The views are great, beer is even better and not to mention our terrific taste in music!

On the Cask-line this weekend we have a returning favorite. Farmers Blonde is a 4% blonde ale from Bradfield. And King George's Bitter from Littleover went down so well last time we've bought it back for the new years celebration. It's a smooth 4% bitter that hits the spot just perfectly!

We are open from 3 pm Friday, Saturday, Sunday, and bank holiday Monday!

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