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Opening Times for June

Updated: Jun 16, 2020

Opening times!

Ok, well it doesn't quite work like that at the moment...

You can order on the website 24-7.

I'll then deliver orders placed before 4 pm on the same day (between 4 - 8).

Orders placed after 4 pm will be delivered the next day.

The click and collect service isn't up and running yet as I just don't have the childcare cover to do it yet. I'm hoping this improves in June and we could open as a regular shop, but that depends on the Police/Licensing and what they say we or can't do - Last time I asked, it was a no.

More beers and wines. being added as I can get them.

There are now over 130 products listed on the website.

Delivery area - Roughly 3 miles from Hackney in Matlock - Matlock, Matlock Bath, Cromford, Tansley, Darley Dale, Northwood Lane and Rowsley.

Please spread the word. Thanks, Shep

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