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OMG – The Challenge of Challenge 25!

Updated: May 10, 2020

A moment of sheer PANIC ensued today as a young man opened the door and my brain went, ‘oh, oh heck, how old are you?’ Was this going to be my first refused delivery???

However, my mouth stayed on message. “Hi xxxxx, we operate challenge 25, could I see some ID please?” (gulp). Nice as pie the young man says ‘ sure no problem’ and goes off to find it. My brain is now doing cartwheels. What’s 2019 minus 18… can my brain really have atrophied this much in 6 weeks!

(Apparently, it had, since yes, it's 2020...)

He arrived back, I inspected the card, found the DOB and he had passed. Phew!

Beer delivered. One quick chat with a really nice chap later and I’m back in the car making a mental note to add ‘how to read a driving licence’ into the training program.

Have a great VE day.


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