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New Cellar & Taps Installation

This is an exciting week! The Laburnum is getting a freshly kitted out cellar, new python (the chilled lines between cellar and bar) and new taps on the bar.

Yesterday the team from Molson Coors cracked on with stripping out and installing the new cellar and chilled python.

This is the python, literally snaking its way in through the front door.

Initially, there was a lot of traumatic straining to get the python installed into the conduit

until they found the cause of the problem... An old daisy wheel label printer jammed inside.

It got much easier to get the job done after this little labelling monster was removed.

They are back tomorrow to fit out the cellar and on Friday to set up new taps on the bar. Hooray!

SO... From Friday the Laburnum will have a better selection of beers!

Watch this space for further details or follow us on Facebook

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