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Meet the suppliers

It’s week 4, or is it 6 or 7 of the lock-down. I’ve lost the plot and am losing count. So, I thought today I would introduce you to a lot more people with a touch more common sense than me.

On the books and in the store already I have now got drinks available from the following craft beer suppliers

· Ashover Brewery

· Bradfield Brewery

· Peak Ales

· Thornbridge Brewery

· John Hattersley Wines

In the pipeline, I’ve got more craft suppliers to get on board

· Moot

· Matlock Brewery (Wolds)

· Derby Brewery

· Blue Monkey

· Brampton

Going further afield, I plan to add more product from more suppliers as soon as I can get them sorted out.

Is there something specific that you want to drink? Email and I will see if it can be tracked down.

All the best, for now. Stay home, stay safe.



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