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Free Delivery for people who are Shielding and Self-Isolating

I set up this little project, when I found myself out of work, as a way of not going bonkers during 2 weeks of self-isolation in March. I know how difficult it can be and if this small offer can help you get through either Shielding or Self-Isolation then I'm happy to do it.

Free Delivery

If you're still continuing to Shield or are Self-Isolating as a result of COVID-19. Then I will deliver any order (to the door), any size for free in the Matlock area.

Safe deliveries

I can also glove up and mask up - if requested when making deliveries. I can also spray products with steriliser once placed on the doorstep (it then needs to be left for 4 minutes before being well washed).

Got Coronavirus Symptoms?

If you have symptoms - we can still deliver (but please warn me so that I come prepared) Please note that Challenge 25 checks still need to be done (at a safe distance) before we can deliver.

How to access this support?

Either send a Facebook message, email or pop a note on the order at checkout to let me know. Cheers Shep Less

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