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Developing the website & why I love WIX!

Ok, so it's probably not what you would expect to find on a craft beer shop blog. But bear with me. This is part recording the journey and part an offer of help to other budding business owners.

This is the third website I have built for the business in a matter of weeks, it’s the one I am sticking with (for now) and I love it.

This website has made me a huge fan of WIX because it let me get the store launched in a day. And, it enables me to focus on the content, the customer journey and building the business.

Don’t get me wrong, the site you’re looking at today has been tweaked, reworked, reorganised and redesigned through an iterative process of finding out what works, what doesn’t work and what features I can build into the shop. But it has been in-line with how I have built the business.

At this point, it’s a first step on a long path to build the business. The site will probably change again, not dramatically, but iteratively.

If I can help anyone else build a business or take their business online please pass on my details. Happy to help.



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