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COVID Update - September 20!

It is now compulsory to sign into the COVID log, And to wear a mask when not seated at your table.

Fines for pubs start at £200 and top out at £10k! So please don't be offended if we are a bit hot on it.

On arrival

When you reach the boundary of the pub, put on a mask and wear it until you are seated at a table

If a table is free, please go straight to it and take a seat

If no tables are free, sorry, on this occasion you will have to leave and join us later or wait on the boundary until someone has cleared a table.

Once seated please complete the COVID Log on and register all your group (except kids under 16 – who must be accompanied by a responsible adult)

All visitors must now wear a mask to get to a table, to move from a table to the toilets and if you want to go for a smoke.

To Order

If you're outside please call the bar! 01629 583576

And let us know you are here, we can either take an order on the phone or a circulating member of staff will come and take your order.

Groups (or who the hell can I take to the pub this week???????)

Maximum of 6 people, please don’t mingle between tables, please wear a mask and maintain your social distance.

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