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Click and Collect – How it works?

How do I manage orders and comply with all the social distancing rules???? This had me scratching my head on this one, but I think there is a solution. Today I have launched a collection slot booking system powered by Calendly (it’s kinda designed for this and not designed for this, you be the judge).

You can book your collection slot in one of two places

Before you place your order

Click on the link and book your slot, go shopping

After you have placed your order,

On the “Order Confirmation Page” there is a collection slot calendar. Simply pick your time, enter your details and it’s yours.

Collecting your order

I’m hoping this is dead easy. It should take less than five minutes to collect your order

· Turn up at the pub at your time slot, park in the car park.

· I’ll pop out, check it’s you, confirm your order and pop it on the table.

· After I’ve retired to safe distance then you can collect the order and go home.

Seems simple enough… Give it a try and let me know what you think?

Click and Collect time slot availability

You can check what’s available on the website. I aiming to have 2 sessions per day. You will be able to check time slots for at least a week in advance.

While I’m going to try and keep these consistent, please bear with us. The slots will vary a little as I work around my family duties. I.E. when the ‘boss’ is working and when I’m scheduled to be looked after by my 4-year-old daughter.

Orders need to be placed at least 4 hours before the timeslot so that I can pick and pack them, resolve and questions and queries. I can then handle multiple orders within the timeslot and no-one has to hang around.

Got a question – ask me on Facebook or email me

Happy lockdown



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