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It's been a terrific year and now it's our first Christmas. You can expect cheesy decorations, mulled wine, tinsel, and all the usual paraphernalia of the festive season.

Christmas Quiz Night, 8 pm Saturday Join us on Saturday for our first ever Quiz Night at 8 pm. It’s a Christmas-themed quiz to get you in the festive mood with rounds on Christmas film, music, general knowledge, general trivia. Prizes of beer or wine for the winners, surprise gift tokens for everyone. Teams as big or small as you like, it’s £1/person with all the entry money going to our nominated Christmas charity, the Jigsaw Foodbank.

Christmas Charity Drive This year our inaugural Christmas charity is the award-winning Jigsaw Foodbank in Matlock. They have run continuously through the pandemic providing support to those in need. In the last twelve months, Jigsaw Foodbank has provided over four thousand food parcels to nearly one thousand people locally. Particularly prevalent in the last year has been their support for families struggling to feed their children during the lockdown. We can help them in four ways; through food donations (see the list below), cash donations (collection pot), or on your card, by tipping the charity when you pay for a round (50p or £1 tip). And you can join us for our Christmas quiz on Saturday 4th December, all the entry money goes to the charity. We have set up a collection point in the snug.

  • Tins (Veg, Fruit, Meat, Fish, Soup, Puddings, etc)

  • UHT Milk

  • Packets (Breakfast Cereals, Tea, Pasta, Rice, Sugar, Biscuits)

  • Jars (Coffee, Pasta Sauces, Jam)

What’s on the bar this weekend?

On the Cask-Line this weekend we have Bradfield Brewery’s delightful Farmers Blonde and a stalwart of traditionalism in Bakewell Best from Peak Ales.

Our Scrumpy-Rack has six still ciders on the go! It includes; a Welsh farmhouse scrumpy, local cider from Ashover Cider Mill and a couple from Lilly's in Somerset

Join us in the bar from 3 pm Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Please share the news of our quiz with your friends, better still... Bring them along.

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