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Booking a table - NO LONGER REQUIRED.

Updated: Jul 20, 2020

It has been manic getting to this point, but as of 10pm tonight, we have draught beer! The drinks range will be a little limited, we are working on that! The beer garden has been partly completed and over the week to 10 days will be fully completed to provide around 100 seats across 25-30 bookable tables. In the meantime, this means we are operating with reduced capacity. Household tables are all picnic benches and groups will be accommodated on chairs in the car park. The pub is a renovation project, it is clean and safe though not quite as pretty as I would like yet.

We are maintaining 2m spacing between tables. Our mitigation actions that enable moving to 1m+ for walkways only are listed below. I want to keep everyone safe and this set up is designed to do it.

Pub rules

This is a family pub and I’d ask Adults not to wear football shirts or engage in loud swearing please. In the interests of staff and guest health, this is a no smoking bar and beer garden


A booking is required by law, it must identify all members of the household party attending.

A deposit of £2 is being taken on booking, it is redeemed against your first order. This confirms the booking details are genuine (to support track and trace). Please bring photo id and proof of address for each party member over 18. People must stay in their assigned area/table except to use the toilet, to arrive or leave

Mitigation factors

· Staff temperatures taken at start of shift

· Only staff allowed in the building (except toilets)

· Toilets cleaned/disinfected regularly

· Outdoor only table service

· Order through the website

· Tables spaced 2m apart

· Masks & Gloves available to staff

Opening times

The bar will be open from 2pm to 10pm, Friday, Saturday, Sunday

Time slots available to book

2 – 3.55pm

4 – 5.55pm

6 – 7.55pm

8 – 10pm


Hey look, we are new to booking tables on line, please excuse us if it’s a little clunky. Go to, select the Pub Page. Find and book the table and time slot you would like. You can book up to 2 time slots in any one day

Table types

Household & Household with support bubble – tables & chairs

A single household or household&support bubble can book a table (up to 6 people) – no social distancing is required between either of these groups

Socially distanced spaces - chairs

Two separate households or groups of socially distanced individuals from different households can meet at the pub. Please note the regulations still expect you to maintain 2m separation, unless you take additional mitigation actions such as wearing masks & gloves.

We have spaces for up to 4 or up to 6 people from either of these groups to meet at the pub and maintain social distancing. Due to the space required for this, there is limited capacity for these arrangements.

Arrival process

· Check in at the reception desk

· Temperature taken (over 37.5’c = no admission)

· Everyone must sanitise their hands on arrival

· Order drinks on the website/app or by phoning the bar.

Paying for drinks

The bar is cashless, to order and pay for drinks please go onto (contactless is coming)

I want to help everyone stay safe so that we can all continue coming to the pub for many years to come. If you don’t like how I am applying the guidance please be aware that my team and I won’t have time to discuss this, please simply go elsewhere.

I look forward to welcoming you to the reopened Laburnum Inn.

Kindest regards


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1 Comment

Pauline Hemsley
Jul 15, 2020

Can’t wait to bring my old dad out for a visit! Sounds like you’re doing everything properly and safely, am only just back to work my self (in hospitality) so see you soon! :)

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