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Beer, Charity Quiz, and Book Club!

Beer this weekend includes 22 from Dancing Duck Brewery.

And Inferno from Oakham Ales, which was a popular one that cropped up a few times in our beer suggestion box!

Charity Quiz

Thank you to everyone who came to our accidental charity quiz last week! The money all goes to a good cause... Regardless, our quiz this Saturday (7th) is £1 entry per person. We're raising money for the Royal British Legion and Wirksworth Army Cadets! The charity bucket will still be on the bar if any of you are feeling extra generous...

Quiz Winners

The quiz winners from last Saturday are the team Infinite Heat, with a whopping score of 45/53! Looks like there's some new competition in the bar...

Book Club

Our Book Club returns this Sunday from 7 pm. If you fancy joining, don't hesitate to pop down and say hi! Just a friendly group of people having a friendly debate.

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