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Cask beer at home

We offer a service that allows you to pre-order 9G casks of 'Bright beer' from us from a selected few breweries to pick up and be ready to serve if you're having functions elsewhere in the area. This service is perfect for campouts, house parties, weddings, or anything else you can think of!

What is Bright beer?  - Bright beer is a cask ale that comes already conditioned and perfect to serve immediately. So there's no need to wait for it to settle and then condition before you get to enjoy that perfect pint of real ale! Full 9G casks serve 72 pints.


What you would receive: We would provide the beer, a mallet for tapping the beer, stands, softwood spiles, taps, and spouts for easy pouring. 

Alternatively, you can order 20L 'bag in a box' bright beer. This is the same concept however you won't need all the equipment to go with this setup... it's just like boxed wine! These serve around 35 pints.


Conditions: All we ask is that you give us 10 days' notice to order from the breweries and receive the product before you come to pick it up. And of course, we ask that you pay a deposit that will be returned to you once you return all the equipment and barrels.

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